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It is an exciting time to be involved with technology. Every month new tech advances are coming out making it a challenge for any organization to keep up. There is a real demand for knowledgeable professionals. Not only to take care of any tech requirements but also to help lead decision-makers in making better, more informed choices. For over 20 years, Common World Inc. has been the company assisting organizations with these decisions. Common World Inc. will not only help your organization find the best tech solutions, process, and practices but will continue to work with you to make sure you use it to its full potential.

Common World Inc. is a small technology company focusing on startup consulting and software development in the Upper Midwest. Specializing in Apple Inc. products and a host of communication and productivity software, Common World Inc. has offered remote and on-site professional services. For over two decades, Common World Inc. has been providing professional services and expanded to hosting, leasing, and management of educational institutes, non-profit, and small businesses' technical needs.
For the past few years, Common World Inc has been slowly moving deeper into development and business consulting and away from professional services. As we continue this transition, we are horning all our service contracts and are dedicated to our current customers, but our focus with new clients is business startup consulting.

In 2017 Common World Inc. started a new initiative called, 'Common World International,' supporting the 'Rwanda Build Program,' a software startup accelerator in Kigali, Rwanda. We are very proud of it and the success it has been having.

Rob Rickard of Common World Inc. can be available for speaking on a host of topics ranging from email management, personal & organizational communication & productivity, workflow, net etiquette, the development process, and a host of talks for developing countries and startups. He also can be available for consulting on tech and business topics.

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