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Over two decades ago, Common World inc. started as a small web development business. It moved quickly into other avenues of tech consulting and professional services.
Common World inc. still developments web solutions, and has recently moved into creating database and workflow solutions on the FirstClass FCAS platform. We are continuously focusing on the custom needs of our customers.
Currently, we are looking into development of iPhone/iPad apps for education. We hope to tie the mobile world into our existing solutions as well as break into new avenues.
Our focus is to not be a development company, but to use it as a bonus add-on to what we already do for our customers. We want to focus on the custom needs and wants of our existing clients. This does not mean we would not continue development in any other space for any other reason, but this is not our focus at this time.

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Currently this website is being updated and will be pushed over to the new FirstClass 12 Web Services. For the next couple months our new websites will be under development as we run real world tests of the new FirstClass API. We do apologize for anything that does not line up.