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Scheduling meetings with Common World

We have had one of our busiest years i can remember. Our promotions for administration staff meetings was a success and proves there is a real need to keep your leadership updated with FirstClass features and solutions. I promote yearly or biyearly meetings with the leadership at your organization. This is important to keep your staff educated on what FirstClass can do and their options. Please contact us to schedule a meeting for a demo/Q&A session or a meeting for whatever your needs are. We have a wealth of knowledge and will help you really use FirstClass to its potential.

FirstClass Trends - hot topics in meetings:
  • FirstClass overview vs other products.
  • Hidden and advanced mailbox features
  • Best practices and solutions.
  • Workflow and productivity using electronic forms in FirstClass.
  • Mobile use - mobile clients, devices, solutions, and best practices.
  • A Walled Garden - OTSW as a safe social media for students/parents.
  • eMail Archive and eDiscovery consulting and services.
  • Mailbox size - with all the new use and solutions we are now recommending most schools move to 100MB - 200MB mailbox sizes. FirstClass can have any size mailbox, but its important to evaluate use and to make sure your diskspace matches the practices and policies.
  • Kill fax printing by sending them to a FirstClass Solution.
  • Cut down on printing by having all documents and handouts stored in controlled shared areas on FC.
  • Adding VoiceMail to FirstClass mailboxes.
  • WebDav and file storage/sharing support.
  • Adding database connections within FirstClass.
  • Adding on application support for advanced workflow.
Admin and Staff Training with Common World
The more I talk with staff the more I see the need for real training. There is a lot of lost time and productivity due to the lace of knowledge of features and how to properly use them. To help this along we are going to offer a flat rate for staff training this summer. If you schedule us for any in-service time we will offer a heavy discount on all training time.
Topics for Staff Training
  • Mastering the Mailbox
  • Best Practices for messaging
  • Email Etiquette
  • Conferencing vs Mail Lists
  • Electronic Form use
  • Document use
User Group Meeting
We are trying to plan a regional User Group Meeting and Tech Event. What i need is to hear from you on what time of the year would be best for you and what you want to see in this event. I would like to hold this this summer if possible and another one this winter.
Topics and Sessions we want to have
  • Admin Training
  • Session on Best Practices
  • Session on Current and Future Features
  • Session Q&A
  • Examples on how Education uses FirstClass
  • Free Stuff and Prizes (iPod touch)

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