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FirstClass Unified Communications

Important Notice:
As of June 2017, Common World Inc. will no longer be selling or supporting FirstClass. Starting July 2017, our service contracts will not support FirstClass Servers or any FirstClass Solution. We will be pushing new communication software and solutions for our clients and customers that best fit their needs. We have already started writing plans and roadmaps for our current RA Customers that will replace FirstClass with other software and services.

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Below information is legacy web content (pre June 2017)
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FirstClass Voice Services 11

BusinessVoice.pngFirstClass Voice Services is a powerful suite of voice and fax capabilities that is designed to replace expensive, proprietary Voicemail systems and stand-alone fax machines with one centrally-managed multimedia messaging system. Recent versions of Voice Services provide direct support for VoIP, facilitating direct connections to IP PBX's and VoIP endpoint using SIP (Session Initiation Protocol).  Integration with legacy circuit switched PBX's will only be supported using a Dialogic Media Gateway (DMG). Starting with FirstClass Version 11 there will only be SIP based versions.

The FCVS 11 code was built upon the same source stream as the more recent services. This provided an opportunity to permit longer userIDs and the added benefit of optimization of channel handling code. Sites that are already running Voice and Directory Services should seek to upgrade Voice and Directory Services as soon as possible.

FirstClass Unified Communications
UC mailbox with fax phone.png
A.  Access Methods
  • UC system offers a desktop client that provides access to email, voice mail and fax mail on Windows, Macintosh and Linux computers.
  • UC system offers a web-based interface that can be accessed through any standard PC web browser that provides access to email, voice mail and fax mail
  • UC system supports standards-based  POP3 and IMAP4 mail clients
  • UC system supports telephone access (via DTMF tones) to email, voice mail, and fax mail
B.  Graphical User Interface (GUI)  Features (Desktop Client and Web Client)
  • All messages (email, voice and fax) are presented in a single mailbox for each user
  • All messages (email, voice and fax) can be forwarded, deleted, and filed via the GUI
  • Users using the GUI can play, pause, move forward,  move back and adjust volume during the playback of a voice message   
  • Users using the GUI can view, rotate, zoom and print faxes
C.  Touchtone User Interface (TUI)  Features (from any telephone that supports DTMF signaling)
  • Users can play, forward, reply and delete voice messages via the TUI
  • Users can forward and retrieve fax messages via the TUI
  • Users can listen to, forward, reply and delete email messages via the TUI   
  • Users can create and send new voice messages via the TUI to other system users via their internal phone number
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D.      Notification Options
  • Users logged in via the GUI are presented with visual and audio indicators when new messages (voice, fax, email) are added to the user's mailbox
  • Users can configure SMTP-based notification to devices such as pagers and mobile phones
  • Users can configure SMTP-based notification to filter notifications based on message type and message priority
  • Users with an office telephone configured with a message waiting indicator lamp can have that lamp lit when new messages are present in their mailbox
E.      User Mailbox Management
  • Users can record a range of greetings and select which greeting is active via the GUI
  • Users can configure the system via the GUI  to automatically  play different greetings based on the time of day and day of week
  • Users can configure the system via the GUI to automatically play different greetings based on the calling or called phone number (when available from phone system)
  • Users do not need to manage separate storage limits for voice, fax and email usage
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F.      System Level Requirements
  • Standard commercially available disk storage systems can be used for storing email, voice mail and fax data
  • System storage does not have to be partitioned between email, voice mail and fax storage
  • Storage quotas can be assigned on a per user or per group basis
  • The system will continue to receive voice messages for a specific user even if that user's mailbox storage quota limit has been reached
  • The system has the ability to integrate with a wide range of commercially available telephone systems through standard telephony interfaces
  • The system has the ability to integrate with both standard telephone systems and Voice over IP (VoIP) telephone systems
  • The system has the ability to integrate with multiple telephone systems simultaneously
  • The system can be configured to have multiple interface units to a single telephone system running in load sharing mode for added reliability

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