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Common World Training for FirstClass

Important Notice:
As of June 2017, Common World Inc. will no longer be selling or supporting FirstClass. Starting July 2017, our service contracts will not support FirstClass Servers or any FirstClass Solution. We will be pushing new communication software and solutions for our clients and customers that best fit their needs. We have already started writing plans and roadmaps for our current RA Customers that will replace FirstClass with other software and services.

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Below information is legacy web content (pre June 2017)
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Common World FirstClass Training

5811_83242_1.jpgOur training sessions are very popular and have been very well recieved.  We are very proud of the training we provide and the impact it has had on FirstClass users. 

Each of the below training sessions are more of a guide to what the training for your orginazition will be. Each training session can be customized for your staff needs. No one uses FirstClass the same way, and we are there to help you use it in a way that best suits your organization. We strongly recommend that you set up a meeting date before any training sessions to get a more focused agenda that is based on your staff needs. 

Each session normally begins with any questions about specific needs and wants of the staff in the room. It is important to us that these needs are met before the day is finished. Some needs require server changes or customization, but our goal is to provide the users with the knowledge they came in the room for.

FirstClass is more than email - let us show you how to really use it.

Focused Training for users and staff  
A full or half day training sesson which focuses on key aspects and features as well as any custom soltuions built on the server. Normally, these sessions occur after a meeting in which we descovered training needs. This may also include any new solutions we have built on the server.

Basic Training for users and staff - half day 
A 3-4 hour session that covers select aspects of normal use of FirstClass. This training covers the basics of the mailbox, contacts, documents, calendaring, conferencing, and basic use of FirstClass. We will go over best practices and any other needs that have been requested.  

Basic Training for users and staff - full day (non - admin)
A full day sesstion that covers select aspects of normal use of FirstClass. This training covers the more of the basics of the mailbox, contacts, documents, conferencing, and basic use of FirstClass than the half day session. We will go over best practices and any other needs that have been requested. Depending on needs and time, we also will cover mail rules, and more advanced calendaring.

Power-User Training for users and staff 5811_83450_0.jpg
Advanced training of more advanced features and use of FirstClass. This training turns your staff into power FirstClass users. They learn advanced messaging, conferencing, calendaring, as well as many tips and tricks. There is a focus on the mailbox and mail rules. This level of training has been very popular and are very useful for produtivity and mailbox management. 

Specialized Training for users and staff 
Web Publishing
Mailbox Management and Workflow
Conferencing and dropbox solutions
Advanced solutions for school leadership to communicate with staff
Personal Conferencing

One- & Two-day Server Administration Training
We have trained many FirstClass Admins across the Midwest. We are proud to help our customers reach the full potential of their FirstClass servers. We work closely with our school districts to bring many FirstClass solutions from district to district. When we leave your site, you will assuredly know how to administrate your FirstClass server.

Server Administration Focus Training
Electronic Forms and dropbox solutions
Workflow and Conferencing Solutions
Advanced solution building

Training and Tech Events
In the past we have had very popular one & two day training events. We are looking forward to once again start these group events in the Midwest. Training sessions at these events are very hands-on, as we cover more solution and topic based training. They have been very fun events where all participants share great input and learn how to build useful servers.

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