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FirstClass 12 Mobile Service Pack

Im happy to announce the release of FirstClass 12 Mobile Services Pack.  This release will be broken down into a few parts.  First, the FirstClass Server and FirstClass Client will be sent via the FC Updates Gateway which will arrive to sites who have a valid maintenance and support agreement shortly. Followed shortly by FirstClass Web Services.

Internet Services and the new Mobile client releases will follow over the course of the next couple of weeks. This will provide FirstClass Administrators an opportunity to upgrade their systems in preparation for the FirstClass mobile clients release that will require these new builds be in place.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

FirstClass 12 MSP.jpg

FirstClass 12 Mobile Service Pack


The new product components are:

  • FirstClass 12 Server Build 1303 for Windows
  • FirstClass 12 Server Build 1303 for Mac OS X
  • FirstClass 12 Server Build 1303 for Linux
  • FirstClass 12 Web Services Build 136 for Windows
  • FirstClass 12 Web Services Build 136 for Mac OS X
  • FirstClass 12 Web Services Build 136 for Linux

  • FirstClass Client 12.014 For Windows
  • FirstClass Client 12.014 For Mac OS X

FirstClass 12 Mobile Service Pack components are distributed to existing customers who have a valid maintenance and support contract. FirstClass Update Services will automatically download the files to your server. If your servers Update Services schedule is turned off, you may manually initiate an Update Services request to receive the update. 

FirstClass 12 Mobile Service Pack components will be available for download from FCOL ( in the following locations:

Windows server
Conferences/Downloads/FirstClass 12 Product Updates/FC12 Windows Server Updates/
Mac OS X server
Conferences/Downloads/FirstClass 12 Product Updates/FC12 OS X Server Updates/ 

Linux server
Conferences/Downloads/FirstClass 12 Product Updates/FC12 Linux Server Updates/ 

Please ensure that you have your server specific FirstClass 12 license, and review both the Release Notes and instructions accompanying the installers thoroughly before proceeding with the upgrade. 

To renew or purchase your M&S contract, please contact your regional Sales Support Center listed at the end of this bulletin.

New Product Features and Enhancements

FirstClass 12 Web Services Build 136

New Features / Enhancements

  • Mobile Browser Compatibility
  • New Icons
  • Interface layout improvements
  • Sub Contact support
  • Week Numbers
  • Hidden Objects support
  • Work Week Calendar view
Fixes / Changes:

  • Deleting a document removes it from the reading pane but not from document menu
  • Creating Document/Wiki then deleting causes 1081
  • Join private community message form error
  • Pressing delete in a blog toolbar unfollows the person
  • Overlapping toolbar items in communities
  • File Storage Delays
  • Unsending multiple times error 1078
  • Scrolling over a name with an apostrophe shows different characters
  • Cannot edit a document inside a community or conference
  • Join private community request seems unsent

FirstClass Server 12 Build 1303

Fixes and Changes:

  • Fix to allow the profile to be opened by double clicking from a directory list.
  • Filter Who's On Line updates based on directory filters.
  • Introduced a new login option to allow Web Services to use Directory Services for remote authentication (requires FCWS 12.0.108 or better).
  • Removed the RSA decryption of the DS ticket for Web Services.
  • Fix to not assign ConfIDs to items with an index larger than what the client can see.
  • Changed current year from 2013 to 2014
  • A generic fix to allow other products to skip the encryption exchange and decryption at login.
  • Tweak to (Rev 15787) identify those sessions that are web services based and send reply to Sync Services when deleting a name.
  • Refresh the in memory itemrec after the delete or move is successful.
  • Change to return an invalid ticket to web services when the request fails instead of a ticket for the account making the request.
  • Fix to return new FCX Resume to IS when home page folder cannot be found.
  • Change to allow acEditACL rights to be inherited by a message from it's parent container allowing Reply from conference feature to work from the message.
  • Change to confirm that the server ticket request is coming from a valid account over a valid connection
  • Fix to respect group filtering when requesting a login in ticket for a specified user.
  • Fixed a bug where some files in sub folders might be missed during search.
  • Fixed crash when FindObjID() did not return a valid OCB
  • Change to not publish draft documents when viewed by older desktop clients.
  • Fixed internal path generation code to use the longer names/subjects
  • Clear the supplied Resume OLink so that in the case of an error the caller that tries to use it will fail.
  • Fix for sites with LOTS of free memory to not truncate the size when checking available memory prior to directory modifications.
  • Fix mail delivery to not backup the list when it is a contact and not a mail list.
  • Change to fix a potential case of a container object being incorrectly set to a document object.
  • Fix to properly adjust the owner of a container during audit.
  • Added ability via INI file, to dump heap memory in CSV format.  Default is off.
HeapDebugCSV = 1;

Archive Server

  • When retrieving messages from Archive Services, local user names will be mapped back to their original forms
  • When a user is no longer being archived, but still has stored data, messages CC'ed to them will no longer be stored in their archive
  • Archived conferences will roll over into multiple containers much as users do
  • Leaf items at the root of a conference are moved into a newly created "Archive" sub-conference (done at audit time)
  • Fix to expire items from conferences based on stamped expiry periods.
  • Added removal of empty containers from the root of archive accounts and conferences.
  • Allow multi-hop From addresses to be archived and restored.
  • Fixed the interpretation of archive expiry when new archive options do not exits for an account.
  • Initial work to archive chat messages, status messages, and uploaded files.
  • Change to create archive roll over containers for conferences at the root of the conference instead of nesting them.
  • Avoid attempts to send an extra notification to IS for calendar events on the archive server.
  • Change to add new archive users to the list of users currently being archived.
  • Restored the capability to archive the sender's mail.
  • Added new MTA option to not archive a particular message.
  • Change to allow the From name of recovered archive messages to appear correctly.
  • Change to remove empty archive folders even though they are protected.
  • Change to suppress delivery receipts from the archive server.
  • Fix to archive the sender's messages.
  • Fix for preserving participants when recovering calendar events from the archive server.
  • Librarian was blocked from forwarded mail or BA replies.
  • Modification to detect "local" users on the library server.
  • Fix to not overwrite memory when checking if the potential recipient is currently being archived.

  • New accounting of archive users to not include archive containers.
Index Fixes/Changes

  • CRC added to dictionary file to catch corruption.
  • Added CRC of dictionary components inside file. New version number. If CRC or unknown version, then index folder renamed and new one created to start indexing from scratch.
  • Forward index flush no longer causes dropped sessions
  • Forward index saves only unsaved words at shutdown.
  • Now verifies all the forward index files, before loading.  If one is bad, it delete all files and re-creates them by using the document data.
  • Change to index file names to all lowercase characters
  • Debug Report needed IdxDbg to suppress debug report, when flushing forward index files.
  • It caused probable tasking dropouts by displaying every word in the dictionary that didn't have a forward index entry (word no longer used in any document still in system).
  • When index open items queue grew to over 300, the new items were put into a "unopened" queue to be indexed later.  This could cause a file and memory leak.
  • Changed call to GetUserProfile to NOT ask for CITT.
  • Fix for only 100 users returned in archive search.
  • On the server monitor search tab, when the unopened queue grew to over 3000, the bar was not drawn properly.
  • In the INI file, added the ability to change the default index queue sizes.  (Requires restart)
Defaults are:

IndexMaxQSize = 300;
OverFlowMaxQSize = 3000;

PIM-less Users / Community Regular Users

  • Allow users to have calendar invites be redirected to their mailbox.

  • Introduction of an unlimited archiving license and licensing compliance notifications.
  • Added reporting for the usage of licensed limits to the system profile form.

  • Initial work to notify external users about being uninvited to a meeting or the meeting being cancelled.
  • Better support for notifying external users about being uninvited to a meeting or that the meeting has been cancelled (requires a new IS)
  • Changes to update an external calendar event sitting in a user's calendar (given the correct permissions).
  • Change to not send a message when receiving an external calendar event.
  • Suppress NDN when attempting to unsend a calendar event from the IS mailbox.
  • Change to allow IS to deliver calendar events from group calendars.
FirstClass Client Build 12.014

Fixes and Enhancements:
  • Multiple crashes in FCWS style chat
  • Signature image replacement with other random images
  • Client writes embedded attachments to the local temp directory no longer transcodes to ASCII
  • Client embedded attachment name conflict now truncate to unique names.
  • Signature images and existing images created by reply with the same names.
  • 8 mono MP3 Layer 3 files or voice messages not being able to play
  • Chat messages rendering without displaying html

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