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Rwanda Build Program (RWBuild)

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The Rwanda Build Program Summary

The Rwanda Build Program (RWBuild) is a software startup accelerator in Kigali, Rwanda. It was proposed in 2015 and launched a pilot program in 2017. That pilot program took three teams for three months and launched three products.

  • RWBuild currently has 5 projects with 4 teams.
  • RWBuild and its member teams have won awards and launched profitable business.
  • RWBuild is located at Impact Hub Kigali, 34 KN 41 Street, Kigali, P.O. Box 5748 Kigali, Rwanda
  • RWBuild is funded by Rob Rickard owner of Common World Inc., a Wisconsin, U.S. Company
  • RWBuild has been altruistic - taking no ownership, stock, or payment from any RWBuild member team.

The Rwanda Build Program Vision & Objectives (the Goals)

  • To help Rwandan tech startups build a culture of software development that produces a finished product.
  • Support Entrepreneurism and Software Development in Rwanda.
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Analyzing opportunities for tech startups and their projects in Rwanda, there is an extremely high failure rate. The goal of RWBuild is to help change that by introducing better development processes and building a better culture of software development.

The primary objective of the RWBuild is to help Rwandan Tech Startups produce and publish their product as they build a positive and productive culture of software development.

The key and most important aspect of reaching this objective are to build a better development culture by introducing better process and stability. This program does not focus on education or coding support, but to take functional teams of Rwandan developers and help with process and structure to build that culture which can produce. From 4 years of mentoring at the Ministry of ICT technology hub, kLab, Rob Rickard of Common World Inc. found that Rwandan entrepreneurs are: educated, have coding skills & knowledge, and have passion & drive. However, they lack discipline, process, and experience that any tech entrepreneur needs.

As with any industry and with any artists or artisans, there is a ‘culture’ of developing something.  There are best practices and processes. ‘Follow-through’ and the ability to produce a finished product, is not easily educated. It needs to be experienced.
The Rwanda Build Program is that experience.

GSMA Hackathon 2018 - Trophy
'Smart Kigali' Challenge 2018 - Finalists
Toyota Mobility Foundation 'Ideathon' 2018 - Finalists

The event schedule and announcements are on & [ ]@CommonWorld on Twitter
Events are open to the public and help for Kigali developers and entrepreneurs.

The New Times featured us in an article:
rce-web-for-flowers-presents-the-software-on-last-week0.jpg1508706399k.jpgRICKARD 2017 Event.jpg

Join The Rwanda Build Program

RWBuild takes in teams that have a solid plan and the potential to execute. RWBuild then introduces our Development Process and provides Project Management. Teams that are part of this program will be required to implement the process and be present for a weekly schedule. There is no cost for this program. There is no promise of funding for this program. However, we do have funding options for startups.
If you are interested in this program, fully read the Program Introduction pdf. If you and your team fit the requirements, please send an email with the below information to: Subject: Rwanda Build Program
Note - RWBuild is currently reviewing teams for the for an April/May 2018 intake. We have limited available space and capacity. We have limited funding.

Quick introduction about team leader - Personal Intro (5 sentences or less)
Personal Tech Background (keep list short)
Personal Interests & Family (keep it short)
Personal Future Dreams (list 5 in order)
Quick introduction of team - ‘Team Intro’ ( 5 sentences or less)
Team Members - positions and background
Focus of Development (what your team can do)
Project - quick introduction & pitch

The next step will be presenting a full Business Plan and Project Plan.

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Common World
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Notes we sent out to kLab tenants on Plan Writing

More info on Rob's Talks at kLab and The Office

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