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FirstClass v12

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Video by Steward Lynch of Open Text inc.

FirstClass 12
Powerful, Secure and highly scalable collaboration platform that bridges the chasm between in-person and digital communication though rich, online communities.

FirstClass connects content with people, brings together expertise and creates the knowledge infrastructure within a fully integrated suite that is cost-effective, flexible and easy to administer.

Powerful collaboration solutions designed to adapt to your environment
FirstClass Connect, FirstClass Collaborate and FirstClass Communicate deliver the tools organizations need to achieve true, effective collaboration. With FirstClass, knowledge flows together naturally, circulates readily and is easily accessible across the organization, across geographies and amongst organizations. FirstClass empowers individuals and teams to work together towards a common goal, with a shared sense of purpose, driven by new ways to participate.

With its powerful and intuitive Web 2.0 interface FirstClass 12 provides a rich, social collaborative experience providing a platform to support your organizational initiatives such as culture and team building, on-boarding and training and internal -external support, all within a secure online environment.

  • Organization, group and individual defined communities
  • Communities support threaded discussions, subfolders and calendars
  • Communities contain wikis and file storage areas
  • Support for rich text content, attachments, embedded images and videos
  • Drag and drop, and full editing capabilities
  • Directory and presence management

FirstClass 12 offers fully functional email, voicemail and calendaring capabilities that enable users to securely communicate within the organization’s online community or to external internet destinations.

  • Email and instant messaging
  • Calendars and scheduling
  • Contact management
  • Integrated unified communications (visual voicemail)
  • Fax

A user-defined dashboard allows the individual to decide what is presented to them allowing the most productive and relevant experience for the user’s individual role.

  • Customized Views
  • Personal Information Management and Workspace
  • Personal Profiles and Blogs
  • “My People” list and Status Updates
  • “Pin” Frequently Visited Content
  • “Follow” User-Defined Topics of Interest
  • Chat
  • Pulse

Open for Integration
The FirstClass open API allows integration with HTML 5 based applications providing one, central point for collaboration around an organization’s valuable content.

  • oAuth Client support
  • Flexible group-membership access

Anytime - Anywhere Access
FirstClass is easily accessible from any internet-enabled computer or via our FirstClass Mobile applications that are available for the iPhone®, iPad®, BlackBerry® and Android®. Users can take FirstClass with them wherever they go and have all of the power of FirstClass in the palm of their hands - delivering a true “anytime, anywhere” mobile collaboration experience.

FirstClass Archive Services
As regulatory and institutional authorities come to terms with the importance of electronic messaging in the modern organization, it is becoming increasingly critical to provide reliable long-term storage of historical messages. OpenText FirstClass Archive Services provides comprehensive archiving, retention and searching capabilities for all FirstClass messages.

FirstClass API
FirstClass 12 has a fully supported and documented Application Programming Interface (API) that will allow web developers to retrieve authenticated secure information from their FirstClass Collaborative system, and display it within their own web site.

How the API works within the FirstClass 12 ecosystem.
The FirstClass 12 API will use FirstClass Web Services (FCWS) which facilitates access to secure FirstClass Server data and functionality for any web-based client using HTML 5. Requests issued to FCWS are translated and securely sent to the FirstClass server for processing. The FirstClass Server responses are processed by FCWS and subsequently sent back to the web client.


FirstClass 12 Service Pack 1
There have been many, many bug fixes as to be expected.  In addition to this, however have been some enhancements and changes based on customer feedback.

Button Enhancements
82714_123745_2.pngNew Buttons
The New Button inside your mailbox, calendar or other collaborative container now has a drop-down.
New Button in Collaborative Containers

The default for a single click on the 82714_123807_3.png will be to create a New Message.  The drop-down arrow will present all options 82714_123827_4.png
New Button in Calendar
The default for a single click on the 82714_123807_3.png will be to create a New Event.  The drop-down arrow will present all options 82714_123830_5.png
New Button on Mini Calendar
The button on the Mini Calendar will create a New Event if you have a Personal Calendar or a New Task if you are a PIMLess user and have no personal Calendar.  See information on PIMLess users below.
Reply Button
82714_123910_8.png The Reply button on a message now has a drop-down
The default for a single click on the 82714_123936_9.pngwill either be Reply or Reply with Quote, depending on how your preferences are set.  The drop-down arrow will present all options.


New Preference "Reply with Quote"
This will determine whether or not the default reply will include a quoting of the entire message.

New Calendar Action Items
The Join action for Calendars has been replaced with two new options - Add to Home to add the calendar to the home screen and Add to My Calendar wish will add the calendar as a subscription (punch-through).

Sub-Container Action item
The Subcontainer Join action has been replaced by Add to Home which will place an alias of the container on the home screen.

Ability to Delete Own Pulse Entries
Users can now delete their own pulse entries

Full Support for PIMLess Users
Service Pack 1 now supports PIMLess users.  These are users that are either classified as Community Regular Users or users belonging to a group that has 82714_124141_16.png unchecked on the Profile Tab
Users of this type will have no mailbox, no Contacts and their Mini-Calendar has been renamed as Calendars
PIMLess users cannot create events inside this container, only tasks.  The 82714_124213_18.pngon the Calendars title bar will create a new event.
PIMLess users will be able to add or subscribe to other calendars and have them displayed as punch-through calendars in this display container.

Peer Registrations
If your administrator has given you the Community Peer Register permission, you can invite external users to your community, to Public communities, or to any community where you have been given that permission by the community owner.

When inviting others to join your community, if you enter a name that is not in the directory, or if you enter an external email address, a new dialog will appear asking you to complete some registration information.
When done, click Invite. An account will be created and an invitation to join will be sent to the new user.
It is important to note that the new account will have whatever access that is determined by the system administrator, but typically, the new account will only be able to see and participate in the community to which they have been invited.
You can limit access by disabling privileges on the Peer Registered Users group.

The type of account created will default to the lowest class of user on the system.  The class order of priority is:
  • Regular User
  • Community Regular User
  • Remote User
  • If a system has no Remote sessions, a Community Regular User account is created, if no Community Regular User licenses, a Regular User account will be created
  • Subscriptions
  • 82714_124248_20.pngIf you'd like to keep track of community activity when you aren't connected to your FirstClass server, you can subscribe to the community's feed. FirstClass will then email you copies of all posts to the community.
  • To subscribe, choose Subscribe at the community's Action menu, then select the type of feed you want on the subscription form. Email me everything will send you a copy of everything that is added to the community's feed. Email me a Daily Digest will send you a daily summary of the previous day's activity.
  • To stop receiving these emails, select None on the subscription form.
  • 82714_124304_21.png
  • Once you subscribe to a Community, you will see a new item in the Subscription section of your Updates list
  • 82714_123651_0.png

Downloads and More Information:

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