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FirstClass Client Training - Signatures & Reply Replacement

Setting the Signature, Reply Replacement & Tagging
  • Open the user Preferences
  • On a Windows - Under the 'Edit' Menu
  • On a Mac - Under the 'FirstClass' menu
  • 'Messaging' Tab
  • 'Initial Content' Tab
  • Option for 'Cursor placement' (Proper etiquette would have placement above quoted text. This should be uniformly set as site wide policy for consistency of messaging.)
  • Option for 'Reply Tagging' (Proper etiquette would set 'Name and Timestamp')
  • Option for 'Forward Tagging' (Proper etiquette would set 'Include Header Summary')
  • Set 'Automatically add signature to new message'
  • Proper etiquette would have a signature with; 'full name, staff title/position, contact information including email, phone, and web site.
  • Click Apply Button

FirstClass Signatures & Reply Replacement

Video by Steward Lynch of Open Text inc.

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