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FirstClass Client Training - Toolbar Customization

Each item window type has a tool bar set. Each tool bar set can be customized and saved at the account level. This means that each user can customize their tool bars and it will save for just them. No matter where they log in from, that customization will follow them. As an example, a user of FirstClass can customize their mailbox tool bar as well as their out going message window, and incoming message window.

Toolbar Customization
  • Menu 'View' --> Toolbars --> Customize Toolbars (see picture below)
  • Drag icon of desired tool to the Toolbar
  • when finished click (see picture below)

Mailbox Toolbar Filters
One of the most helpful tool to add to the mailbox are the below filter tools. In group training this is one of the first things we go over and almost everyone in the room agrees, this changes the mailbox for the better. With these tools added to the toolbar, it will make your mailbox a more useful area for sorting. Use these tools with your normal mailbox filtering field for enhance filtering of messages in the mailbox.
  • 1) Default - no sorting.
  • 2) Sort only red flags. (unread messages)
  • 3) Sort only whit flags. (drafted, unsent messages)
  • 4) Incoming and outgoing message sorting.

For more information and tips/tricks and best practices contact us for training.

FirstClass Toolbar Customization video

Video by Steward Lynch of Open Text inc.

Recovering Lost FirstClass Toolbars

Video by Steward Lynch of Open Text inc.

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