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Common World and FirstClass v10

FirstClass 10

FirstClass v10 is out.
Download what is new here --> Whats_New_in_FirstClass_v10.pdf
FirstClass v10 is out --> Features and Enhancements notes

Whatís New in FirstClass 10?
The FirstClass 10 release is a staged release and will include some new and exciting features. Below are some highlighted features:

Social Media
Social Media is a new state-of-the-art browser based interface that offers customers all the social networking offerings (wikis, blogs, tagging, profiles, etc.) in a safe collaborative environment. For users of FirstClass 10 and Social Media there will be various ways to toggle between the two applications.

More on FirstClass and Social Media --> More on OTSM


In July, the FirstClass iPhoneô & iPod touchÆ App was released. With FirstClass Mobile, iPhone, and iPod touch users can now take FirstClass with them on the road, and have all of the power of FirstClass in the palm of their hands.

More on the FirstClass iPhone Mobile App --> More on iPhone Mobile

Social Media provides our users with a "magic" search box where users can type requests and quickly receive relevancy-ranked results of information that they have permission to see.


FirstClass 10 will run on a 64-bit hardware and operating systems. This enables Open Text to build much more sophisticated capabilities that exploit the greater power and scalability that these platforms provide.

Various features have been added or enhanced such as:
Enhanced calendar printing
Support for Web DAV protocol
Unread counters for mailboxes and conferences
Direct integration to Open Text Social Media

FirstClass 10.0 for Windows, OS X, and Linux platforms is available now for download. Customers who have a valid M & S contact can download the release from the FirstClass Online Server.

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6809_11057_1.pngCommon World inc. is an FirstClass OpenText Channel Partner Reseller. We process all yearly FirstClass M&S Maintenance and new sales orders. We add value service on top of OpenText to all our customer. We look forward to working with you.

FirstClass is a registered trademark of Open Text inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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FirstClass is a registered trademark of Open Text inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
Currently this website is being updated and will be pushed over to the new FirstClass 12 Web Services. For the next couple months our new websites will be under development as we run real world tests of the new FirstClass API. We do apologize for anything that does not line up.