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CW Hosting - eMail, Spam/Virus protection, archiving, backup

Important Notice:
As of June 2017, Common World Inc. will no longer be selling or supporting FirstClass. Starting July 2017, our service contracts will not support FirstClass Servers or any FirstClass Solution. We will be pushing new communication software and solutions for our clients and customers that best fit their needs. We have already started writing plans and roadmaps for our current RA Customers that will replace FirstClass with other software and services.

We do offer hosting of many other services for communication, collaboration, and productivity including software services developed inhouse that can be customized. Please contact us for more information.

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Below information is legacy web content (pre June 2017)
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'A Walled Garden'
Cloud communication and productivity hosting.

With two decades of experiences Common World inc. is expanding its services, offering several options for hosting your communication and data solutions. This includes offering hardware server hosting or hosting server and software solutions as a service from a 'start of art' data center facility.

Focusing on Small Businesses, Private and Public Organizations, and k12 Education, Common World inc. now can take care of all your needs from consulting, service, training, to now hosting.

Cloud Services (SaaS options):
  • Advanced Communication Solutions (via FirstClass)
  • eMail & Private Group Collaboration Solutions
  • Productivity Solutions
  • Custom Public and Private Social Media Solutions
  • Web Solutions - Enhanced and Easy Web Publishing (Custom Design)
  • File Storage
  • Archiving & Backup
  • VoiP Services and Solutions
  • Video Conferencing
  • iPad/iPhone Solutions
  • Database Solutions
  • virus/spam protection
  • Content Services (coming soon)
Hardware Hosting:
  • FirstClass Core Services
  • FirstClass Internet Services
  • FirstClass Archive Server
  • FirstClass Application Server
  • FirstClass Content Services (coming soon)
  • Web Publishing
  • Spam/Virus Protection
We also provide on-site leasing options and co-hosting options. Whatever the best solutions is, that is what we want to help support for you.

Contact us for quotes and more information.

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Currently this website is being updated and will be pushed over to the new FirstClass 12 Web Services. For the next couple months our new websites will be under development as we run real world tests of the new FirstClass API. We do apologize for anything that does not line up.